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What's 'Ultra 101' about?


At this stage the purpose is to establish whether there is sufficient demand to make it worthwhile launching an ultra equivalent to the 100 Road Marathon club.


One of the potential problems is that not enough runners have historical records or proof of their runs.  We need to determine whether that is a major problem before, not after, we attempt any formal launch!  




Aims, member levels, definitions and the proposed registration process are detailed below.  After you have thoroughly read them, if appropriate,  please pre-register your firm intent to join 'Ultra 101' by logging your name, proposed membership level, number of ultras and donation on our facebook page here:


Your name will then be recorded on the pre-registration list opposite.


If  we receive approximately 50 pre-registrations before the end of 2020 we will proceed to a formal launch with a dedicated website.  So please encourage others to pre-register!




Ultra 101


The Three Aims

  • To recognise the achievement of completing 101/50/25 Ultras.

  • Raise funds to support the work of the John Muir Trust

  • Keep things simple and informal - Ultra 101 will have no officials and a minimum of rules - it's more of a network than a club.

The Four Membership Levels

  • Associate - where at least 25 ultras must be completed

  • Bronze - where at least 50 ultras must be completed

  • Silver - where at least 101 ultras must be completed

  • Gold - where 101 ultras must be completed and where at least 30 are 50 miles or more of which 10 must be at least 100 miles.

Leader board

Once approved, members names will appear on a web-based leader board under the four membership categories.  Each name will be in order of approval date.



Unlike the 100 Road Marathon Club there is no annual membership fee. There is a once only registration fee  for each membership level.  This is as a donation via 'just giving' to the John Muir Trust .  'Ultra 101' is 100% not-for-profit, with no admin costs.  Registration donations are as follows:     Associate - £10, Bronze - £15, Silver -  £20, Gold -  £25


Applicants will need to complete a download-able 'Ultra 101' spreadsheet. This will enable you to list all your qualifying events and the method of proof -  which must be either results or a certificate. Links to web-based results will not be acceptable.  You must have hard copies of proof because many web results could eventually cease to exist!

You will be asked to produce proof of up to 10 selected events subject to the level of membership.

Application for membership includes authorisation for 'Ultra 101' to hold personal data on computer media



While it is understandable for runners to think of ways to creatively boost their tally please list only events that fall strictly within the simple black and white definitions below.  If it does not fit please leave it out! We do not wish to spend time entering into debates about 'grey' areas.

  • For the purposes of the 101 club ultra-distance is defined as a minimum of 30 miles or 50km on foot and off-road on trail, moor, fell or coast.  Off-road must constitute at least 70% of the course.

  • Event is defined as being a race or challenge organised on a specific date and open to anyone subject to the usual qualifications regarding experience and age.

  • Only the distance declared and advertised by the event organiser is accepted. Note the 30 mile or 50km ultra definition.

  • The full distance of the event must be completed in a continuous outing.

This excludes:

  • Multi-disciplined events e.g. triathlons

  • Multi-day events lasting longer than 60 hours e.g. The Spine 

  • Two-day mountain marathon events  

  • Events on track or road e.g. road ultra-marathons

  • Distances of more than 30 miles/50 km when the full event distance has not been completed e.g. completing 80 miles of a 100 mile ultra

  • Ultra-distance challenges which can be completed at anytime e.g. Bob Graham Round  


     Name                     Member level     JMT donation


 Andy Norman        Bronze   67            £15



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