Where there is a recorder please contact them to log your completion. In addition, or if there isn't a recorder, you are invited to share your experience on the gofar facebook page to encourage and inspire other runners to have a go!

Sub - Ultra Routes
These are informal routes of between  about 15 and 30 miles with more than 2500 feet of ascent.  They are generally designed by and for runners and are not already race routes or named trails with any official status.  They may be completed at any time and in any time to suit the individual runner although there can be target times to aim for.
To add additional routes email a pdf to: (Tony Wimbush)
Bradford 3 Peaks (South Pennines)
Calder Valley Round (South Pennines)
Cheviot 2000s  (Cheviot Hills)
Great Gift Peaks Round (Lakes)
Howgill 1500's (Cumbrian Pennines)
Ilkley Skyline (South Pennines)
Magnificient  7 (South Pennines)
Northern 5 Trigs (South Pennines)
Saddleworth 5 Trigs (South Pennines)
Six Trigs Challenge (South Pennines)
Stanhope 11 Trigs (Durham Dales)
Tod Graham Round (South Pennines)
Walk in the Pairc (Outer Hebrides)


All the routes on this site require proven mountain running experience. You undertake them entirely at your own risk. Please take full mountain safety precautions at all times.  Always ensure you carry sufficient clothing, food and equipment to cope with dramatic changes in the weather conditions!  Appropriate insurance cover is recommended.


The object of this website is to provide a single, ready source of information on the ultra-distance mountain challenges which have been developed over the past three or more decades. It now offers a diverse range of long and "short", old and recent, formal and informal routes from around the UK to encourage runners of all ages and abilities to have a go subject to proven mountain experience in all conditions.



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